4 Summer Fashion Don’ts For Girls

By | November 10, 2014

This summer, most of us find ourselves bogged with sporadic weddings, outdoor plans, and the holiday adventure. How could we plan for all these challenges summer brings while still being marvelous? We don’t know the entire answers, but we do have some basic don’ts that every gal should keep in mind to show her best through the whole summer.

1. Don’t let it all hang out. Now girls believe in the motto that “if you have got it, flaunt it,” however, there is something much more stylish about a girl which leaves a bit something to the imagination. Just forget the ludicrous cleavage baring tops and booty shorts and discover a pleasant medium with sneak peaks and bashful sundresses of tanned skin.

2. Don’t put aside the sparkle only for special events. Gold, silver and all kinds of sparkle things are still in season now. Try to wear these shiny tops with jeans or linen pants for an ordinary lunch and take the silver or gold for shopping trips with friends instead of wearing them just for date nights. Gather yourself some concentration with a little shine is always a fashion Do.

3. Don’t carry out the same oversized winter bag. As we all love a chic bag which could carry our makeup bag and a spare outfit to match, but remember that the surprising large bags of the last few seasons are moved out. So you could try a smaller one with an adjustable strap which is able to switch from a shoulder bag to a handbag instantly.

5. Don’t get trapped in a rut. Last but not least, don’t depend on your old stand bys all the time. When we find something which suits us, color it or be it a cut could be difficult to break away from that. It is not necessary to totally give up the tried and true but just try out with new trends in large or small attempts. You can never broaden your horizons without trying anything new.

With above advices that all being listed, take what you do or do not like from every seasons’ trends and make a wardrobe that sugar up your style and your body, and most significantly, have fun with it!