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Top Spring Fashion Pick – Shearling Coats

With the arrival of spring comes green grass and budding blooms but the temperatures are still on the cool side. We may not want to keep wearing our full length mink and fox fur coats so the perfect springtime garment is a shearling coat or jacket. All things youthful and new abound in spring. Shearling […]

Spring Fashion Forecast

Even though there is still snow on the ground, designer’s all around the world have released their view on what’s new and hot for Spring 2006. Though most of you are still donning parkas, who says you can’t be in the know, and start shopping for you’re perfect spring wardrobe? Last year’s spring/summer look was […]

Spring Fashion Trends – 3 Hot Color Combos and How to Wear Them

Spring fashions are on the horizon. By the end of winter we’ve had enough dark colors, and we are ready to burst forth with a riot of color. The good news is that there are lots of hot colors this spring. Here are some ideas on what to look for: 1. Hurray for red, white […]

Spring Fashion Trends for the Upcoming Year and Beyond

As the New Year is well underway, and Spring fashion shows are happening worldwide, a couple of noticeable style trends have caught on and have already shown real signs of staying power. Art Deco – One common theme throughout runways in early spring has been an emphasis on Art Deco-inspired designs. Fashion designers often look […]

Women’s Spring Fashion – 3 Big Trends Right Now

This spring, fashion comes together with bright colors, florals, and bold patterns. The spring trends are a bouquet of beautiful patterns and prints, with jolts of color from electric yellow to brilliant red and magenta. Khaki and neutrals balance the picture, and are practical and chic for the office or for travel. As the weather […]