Drop Earrings – The Timeless Trend

By | July 31, 2015

Drop earrings are such an everlasting fashion trend; it deserves the spotlight even with years and years of being present in women’s wardrobes. People often match the stunning drop earrings with their gowns on special events, or on a casual event like lunch out with family or friends. Drop earrings can be paired with any clothes you wear; it will make you look sparkling. There is no limitation of time and occasion to wear one. To make you look prettier with drop earrings – style your hair with ponytail, messy bun, or with your hair down; to highlight the drop earrings itself.


The perfect drop earrings:


  1. What makes any earring perfect is it comforts you. Any beautiful earrings will finally be kept in a jewelry box if it is too heavy to wear for any length of time.


  1. Do not easily assume that sizeable earrings always weight too much, some designers use lightweight materials; which by chance you will not notice the weight.


  1. Drop earrings should move when you move, sway with your rhythm; this is what most feminine charm designed for.


  1. Synchronizing earrings to your face shape. Face round should choose lean, long and angular curved lines – ovals and oblongs, square and rectangular earrings are also good options. Oval faces suit almost any style of earrings. Heart-shaped faces should drop their choices on earrings that are wider at the bottom such tear drops and triangle shapes. Squarer-shaped faces will look sweet with round edges earrings. Triangular face looks best with oval or small circular drop earrings; it will soften the sharp angle of the face.


  1. If you are wearing oversized earrings, avoid using oversized, statement necklace. It will be too much of a good thing.


  1. This last point is a tips – buy a pair of drops as an investment, they never really go out of fashion.